Our Commitment



Work with Accredited Master Electricians



Ensure Superior Project Standards






Responsive Service



On Time & Budget



Peace of Mind

Why Choose Platinum Electrical & Air?

Platinum Electrical & Air specialises in the design and installation of a variety of electrical systems for residential, commercial, and government properties, and is committed to providing you with the most reliable and efficient electrical solution. Our team of fully licensed Master Electricians ensures that your Queensland electrical project will be designed according to your exact specifications and requirements, and installed to rigorous industry and code standards.

Our Commitment to Quality

We have a certified quality management system and are dedicated to a policy that will ensure that our products and services always fully meet the requirements of our customers.

Our quality policy is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Ensuring that we fully identify and comply to the precise needs of our customers.
  • Maintaining an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in internal processes.
  • Educating our team in knowing how to correctly complete their jobs and understanding the importance of doing it right the first time.

When you choose Platinum Electrical & Air, you are choosing:

Accredited Master Electricians

Our Master Accredited Electrician status means we are fully insured and certified to perform even the most demanding electrical work — and we’re friendly, too!

Superior Project Standards

We have one quality standard for our work: the best. It’s as simple as that. You can always expect the electrical trade’s top project standards of work from our team.

Exceptional Safety Practices

Platinum Electrical & Air has a certified safety system, meaning we meet the most rigorous international standards for safety management and performance.

Responsive Repair Service

When you need electrical repairs, you need them now. Don’t waste time-- our skilled team is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On Time and On Budget

We understand that our clients care about their bottom line, too. We always strive to provide the fastest, most reliable service at an affordable price.

Peace of Mind

Our clients tell us that the most valuable service we provide is peace of mind. They know our work will meet and exceed industry best practices, and that each job will be completed quickly and affordably.

Are you interested in learning more about Platinum Electrical & Air? Extraordinary electrical service in Queensland is just a phone call away.

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