“Colin and Cynda Searl, as owners of Active Real Estate in Toowong need good trades to support our property management business and need to rely on our tradespeople heavily. In our nearly quarter of a century of operation, we have established business relationships to the sole benefit of servicing our clients and their tenants’ needs.

This means a no compromise top level of service at a fair price and delivered in timeframes that meet the needs of our clients and tenants. We have a need for 24 hour a day service and Platinum has proven they are prepared to provide that service on demand without failure. So many others promise, but fail to deliver so just on performance alone, Platinum Electrical & Air is a business we would recommend to you.

They have taken the time and been prepared to understand the specific needs we have as a business, in delivering to our clients and tenants and stepped up as part of our trades group in doing this with constant reliability.”