Smoke Alarms

The Queensland Government plan to introduce an updated Smoke Alarm legislation applying to all new and existing dwellings.

Professional installation and maintenance of smoke alarms save lives when fire or smoke related emergencies unfortunately arise. Non-compliant or faulty smoke alarm products are extremely dangerous and may not correctly function in a life-threatening situation.

It’s crucial to ensure all your rental and owner-occupied properties are compliant with the new legislation. Here’s what’s changing:

Smoke Alarm Products

Platinum Electrical & Air provide a range of smoke alarm products from three of the leading smoke alarm suppliers; Clipsal, Brooks and Red Smoke Alarms.

Smoke alarm systems vary in functionality and technological capabilities. Platinum Electrical & Air supply and install products suitable from those preferring diverse control options to assisting residents who are hard-of-hearing or face other specific challenges.

See all our smoke alarm products below – Pricing and warranty varies with each product series.

Post-Installation – Maintenance

It is required by law to ensure all fitted smoke alarms are tested and maintained by a licensed professional on an annual basis.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain a fire-safe environment for both own-occupied and rental dwellings with hefty penalties applying for non-compliance.

Get in touch with us today for all smoke alarm replacement enquiries or to discuss how the new legislation affects you and your property.

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