Need an Electrician

in Wilston?

If you want the expertise of a highly skilled electrician in Wilston, call on Platinum Electrical.


Why Decide on Platinum Electrical??

Our Wilston clients value our knowledge and affordability:

  • 24/7/365 service means we are always available for you
  • Complimentary estimates cheerfully provided for each project
  • Our Electricians have years of experience and training
  • Our work is completed with a total commitment to safety and quality
  • We emphasise quality workmanship at a fair price

A Few More Reasons To Pick Platinum Electrical

  • We’re always available for a chat, via phone or online
  • All parts and labour on every job are fully guaranteed
  • Choice in how you pay, by the job or by the hour

Why We’re Known for Quality

Our other service areas include:

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