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Intercom systems are first-line security solutions, allowing you to decide who enters your property or premises. Platinum Electrical & Air installs wired and wireless audio and audio/video intercom systems in single-family homes, apartments and commercial and industrial properties throughout South East Queensland from our office in Brisbane. Intercom systems replace low-security doorbells and outdated audio or video devices with fail-safe, HD access monitoring.

Our team of experienced technicians travel the state, setting up basic single-door to complex, multi-point intercom systems in residential, commercial and industrial properties. We’ll get the job done quickly and to an excellent standard.

Whether you live alone, have trouble moving around the house and want a table-top video and audio intercom close to your bed or chair, or just want to avoid cold callers, a residential intercom system is the perfect solution. Our home-based customers consistently report an increased sense of safety and control.

The best commercial intercom systems combine video and audio control and reception-based door opening. This solution can extend throughout your premises and is never limited to the front entrance. Owners of apartment buildings, parking facilities, warehouses and shopping centres find intercom devices to be an extremely cost-effective security solution.

Would you like to know more about the right intercom system for your home or business? Call Platinum Electrical & Air today for a chat. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Security Solutions that we offer

Platinum invests significant time and resources in developing and maintaining our employees skills to ensure they remain ahead of the field in regard to safety compliance with regular training and re-certification in:

  • CPR
  • Low Voltage Rescue
  • First Aid
  • Child Safety Blue Cards
  • Construction White/Blue Card
  • Working safely at heights
  • Elevated Work Platforms

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How can Platinum help you?

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