Residential and Commercial CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Residential and Commercial CCTV & Surveillance Systems Brisbane

Closed circuit television (CCTV) provides a permanent, automated surveillance system that boosts the security of any property. Simply being aware of the presence of a security camera is enough to prevent a criminal act. Platinum Electrical & Air advises on, installs and maintains the best security systems in Brisbane and South East Queensland. HD footage, cloud-based storage, MX/MPX circuits to link multiple security devices to a single output line, on- or off-site monitoring, Internet protocol (IP) devices with NVR, and access and identity management software integration all work together to provide crystal-clear, stored, visual (and audio) data.

Recording the movements and behaviours of others comes with a list of legal obligations. Camera surveillance, both in the home and at work, is subject to privacy laws. Incorrect positioning of recording equipment can be considered an offence (Section 227A of the Queensland Criminal Code) and possibly result in prosecution. As certified surveillance specialists in Brisbane, CCTV systems installed and maintained by Platinum Electrical & Air, our technicians always comply with legal requirements.

Residential CCTV works extremely well as a security measure – when professional burglars check out the neighbourhood, houses with cameras are more likely to be crossed off the list. A camera pointed towards the driveway significantly lowers the risk of car break-in, vandalism and theft. However, in the home setting, camera surveillance has some additional perks. Some of our clients like to keep an eye on their pets while at work or make sure the kids are doing their homework. Others check IP cameras via their phones when on holiday and contact the neighbours if letters start to pile up or the plants wilt.

New, complex commercial surveillance systems integrate multiple security devices on a single platform, for example a floor sensor system that causes a camera to follow specific movement types or switches on audio when a telephone is used. You might opt for a custom response protocol, for example allow an internal or external security firm to control cameras in response to a door or window alarm or request identification of an unauthorised person via a telecommunications system. The possibilities for customisation are endless. When correctly installed, CCTV footage can be used for insurance claims; the installation of a surveillance system also means lower property insurance premiums.

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Platinum invests significant time and resources in developing and maintaining our employees skills to ensure they remain ahead of the field in regard to safety compliance with regular training and re-certification in:

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  • First Aid
  • Child Safety Blue Cards
  • Construction White/Blue Card
  • Working safely at heights
  • Elevated Work Platforms

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